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[媒體名稱] Paddle Your Own Kanoo [新聞日期] 2021.JAN.22 [網址] https://tinyurl.com/y2km6zma [內文] 文長。 小弟使用Chrome內建網頁翻譯,並且經過稍微調整, 如果有翻譯不正確不周詳的地方歡迎提出,感恩! = What Quarantine and Testing Rules Do Pilots and Flight Attendants Face in Different Countries? = = 飛行員和空服員在不同國家面對什麼樣的隔離和測試規則?= Hong Kong's health minister, Sophia Chan Siu-chee confirmed on Friday that the Chinese territory was considering imposing a mandatory 14-day quarantine on all flight crew arriving from overseas. Despite fierce objections from hometown airline Cathay Pacific which fears the draconian measures could be the last nail in the coffin for the already decimated airline industry, Chan Siu-chee said Hong Kong doesn't have any "alternative" as it battles a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections. 香港衛生局局長陳肇始週五證實, 中國當局正在考慮對所有來自海外的機組人員實施強制性的14天檢疫。 儘管國泰航空公司表達了強烈的反對, 他們擔心嚴厲的措施可能會給已經重傷的航空業帶來更致命的打擊, 但陳表示,香港在與第四波疫情的抗爭中沒有任何其他方法。 The treatment of pilots and flight attendants has been a contentious issue throughout the pandemic in Hong Kong. Health measures have been progressively tightened as residents voiced alarm that aircrew were importing the virus from abroad and putting the territory's 7+ million residents at risk. 在香港,對於航空組員的防疫管制一直是一個有爭議的問題。 隨著居民發聲認為機組人員正在從國外帶進病毒, 並使七百多萬居民處於危險之中,防疫措施已逐步加嚴。 The debate has exposed a huge difference in how pilots, flight attendants and other aviation workers are treated when they go from country to country. In theory, both the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) say flight crew shouldn't be subjected to invasive testing…the reality, however, is much different. So how are different countries treating their own flight attendants when it comes to quarantine and testing arrangements? 在辯論的過程中, 揭露了不同國家對於飛行員、空服員和其他航空工作者不同的防疫措施。 理論上,世界衛生組織(WHO)和國際民用航空組織(ICAO)都表明, 空勤組員不應接受侵入性測試...然而,現實中卻大不相同。 那麼,在隔離和測試安排方面,不同的國家如何對待自己的空勤組員呢? Abu Dhabi and Dubai 阿布達比與杜拜 Dubai was one of the first governments to introduce mandatory cabin crew and pilot testing on arrival leading to huge queues as Emirates staffers lined up for PCR nasal swabs after a long flight home. But while Dubai eventually made pre-departure PCR testing mandatory for passengers, the same rules for crew were dropped within weeks. 杜拜是最早引入空勤組員入境前強制性測試的政府之一, 這導致了Emirates的組員在長途飛行後必須大排長龍等候PCR測試。 而杜拜本來也規定在出發前要強制實施PCR測試, 但數週之內就取消了機組人員的相關規定,只剩下乘客需要遵守。 Even as other countries have slowly added testing requirements for crew, Dubai has held firm with its crew exemption still in place. Emirates has, though, agreed to test cabin crew due to fly to Australia within three days of departure. Once tested, crew must self-isolate at home to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible. 僅管其他國家逐漸增加了對組員的測試要求, 杜拜仍堅決主張其組員可以豁免。 不過,Emirates已同意測試在三天內要啟程飛往澳洲的空服員。 經過測試後,組員必須在家中進行自我隔離,以盡可能降低感染的風險。 In Abu Dhabi, the national carrier Etihad has taken self-isolation rules to another level, demanding that all operating cabin crew quarantine in their apartments between flights. Crew are only allowed to leave once a day to collect essential supplies or to seek medical help. Rules breakers have been threatened with dismissal. 在阿布達比,Etihad已將自我隔離規則提高到了另一個層次。 他們要求所有值勤中的空服員,在兩次飛行之間在其公寓進行隔離。 組員每天只能因採買生活必需品或是尋求醫療協助離開家裡一次。 違反規則者將有可能遭到解僱。 (小弟查了一下,沒有太多消息, 與近期多起空服員在外站採檢陽性導致班機取消有關) https://tinyurl.com/yx9tzyrg Australia 澳洲 In response to fears of new mutant variants of the COVID-19 virus, as well as controversy over international flight attendants breaking quarantine rules, Australian states have moved to toughen up their rules. 出於對COVID-19病毒新變種的擔心, 以及他國空服員違反隔離規則的爭議,澳洲已加強其防疫規則。 Flight attendants who arrive in Australia from abroad must have been tested within three days of departure and are then re-tested on arrival. International flight attendants are required to quarantine in their hotel rooms in designated hotels, while Australian crew are allowed to self-isolate for 14-days in their own homes. 從國外到達澳洲的空服員必須在出發前三天內進行採檢, 然後在到達時再採檢一次。 他國的空服員必須在指定飯店的房間內進行隔離, 而澳洲的組員則可以在自己的家中隔離14天。 (雖然原文是寫空服員,不過小弟查了澳洲衛生署官網的規定,是所有飛航組員都要) https://tinyurl.com/y5anuprc The strict quarantine rules aren't having a major impact on Australian carriers because they stopped operating regularly scheduled international flights early into the pandemic but Emirates did temporarily suspend the majority of services to Australia as it worked through the new protocols. 嚴格的檢疫規則並未對澳洲的航空公司產生重大影響, 因為他們在大流行初期就停止了定期運營的國際航班, 而Emirates在協議的過程中暫停了大部分飛往澳洲的航班。 Europe and the UK 歐洲與英國 Much of Europe and the UK followed WHO guidance from the outset of the pandemic and decided not to impose additional restrictions on flight attendants flying into the bloc – even foreign flight attendants arriving from countries with much higher levels of infection. 英國與歐洲的大部分地區從大流行初期就遵循了WHO的指引, 決定不對入境的空服員施加額外的限制, 即使是來自感染程度較高國家的外國空服員也是如此。 (這邊雖然原文是寫空服員,但我相信他想說的是所有空勤組員) There have, however, been a few notable exceptions. The UK made flight crew who operated flights to Denmark just before a total travel ban was imposed go into quarantine for 10-days. The decision caught Ryan Air off-guard because the airline thought its crew would be exempt as they never stepped foot off the plane and were only in Denmark for 30-minutes as new passengers boarded. 但是,有一些值得注意的例外。 在實施全面旅行禁令之前, 英國令飛往丹麥的空勤組員需隔離10天。 該決定使Ryan Air措手不及, 因為他們認為其機組人員從未下過飛機, 並且僅在丹麥地停了30分鐘讓乘客上下機, 應該可以獲得隔離豁免。 Similar quarantine rules were introduced when a travel ban was slapped on South Africa. 在南非實施旅行禁令時,也引入了類似的檢疫規則。 Dutch carrier KLM has also threatened to suspend all long-haul flying after the government introduced a pre-departure testing rule for flights headed for the Netherlands. A spokesperson for KLM said it was unacceptable that crew weren't exempt and the airline would rather stop flying than risk leaving a crew member behind. 在荷蘭政府頒佈對飛往荷蘭的空勤組員需實施出發前測試的規則後, KLM也威脅要暫停所有的長途航班。 KLM發言人表示,無法接受機組人員無法獲得豁免, KLM寧願停止飛行,也不願冒將組員留在國外的風險。 New Zealand 紐西蘭 Despite its great success in controlling the spread of the novel Coronavirus, New Zealand has taken a relatively light-touch approach to flight crew. The most up to date rules require aircrew to take a test on arrival and then quarantine in a hotel room for 48-hours. If the test is negative, they can leave without any further restrictions. 相較於對病毒傳播採取了嚴格控制並取得巨大的成功, 紐西蘭對空勤組員採取了相對寬鬆的方法。 最新的規定要求機組人員在抵達紐西蘭時進行採檢, 然後在飯店房間隔離48小時。如果測試結果是陰性的, 他們便可以離開而沒有任何進一步的限制。 Air New Zealand cabin crew are, however, subject to restrictions when they go abroad with crew instructed not to leave their hotel rooms during layovers and to keep their distance from any locals. 但是,Air New Zealand的組員在外站時要受到管制, 不能離開飯店房間,並與當地人保持距離。 The United States 美國 Like Europe, the United States hasn't imposed any additional restrictions on flight crew, although the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends crew self-monitor for symptoms, including regular temperature checks. 與歐洲一樣,美國沒有對空勤組員施加任何其他限制, 但疾病控制與預防中心(CDC)建議機組人員自行監測症狀, 包括定期進行體溫檢查。 New pre-departure testing rules set to come into force on January 26 with specifically exempt aircrew but that might change over a review of the policy has been completed by the Biden administration. New quarantine rules are also set to be introduced and these could also affect flight crew in some form. 新的出發前測試法規將於1月26日生效, 空勤組員目前有豁免權, 但是在拜登政府對政策的重新審查後可能會改變。 另外,還有計劃引入新的隔離規則, 這些規則也可能會影響到空勤組員。 [心得] 即使WHO與ICAO建議不需對空勤組員進行高強度管制, 但各國對於組員的管制依然是有緊有鬆。 而紐西蘭算是值得研究的對象, 防疫成績佳,但是在管制上卻是相對從容地寬鬆, 如果能知道紐西蘭成功的秘訣, 也許有機會能稍微鬆綁空勤組員的管制, 雖然小弟覺得希望不大就是了。 台灣對於空勤組員的防疫管制在國際上是相對緊的, 對於控制病毒的傳播肯定是有正面效果。 雖然在紐案以前也是有其他零星的組員違規事件, 但是至少在外站防疫措施與3+11開始實施以後, 五萬多值勤人次,都無一組員確診, 多少也證明之前的管制強度應該是足夠。 現在升級過後的管制在理論上應該也是更為足夠, 希望能抵禦住變種病毒凌厲的攻勢。 最後還是一樣祈禱疫苗趕緊發揮效力, 使疫情在不遠的未來獲得控制, 有點快扛不住啦。 以上,謝謝。 -- _ ◣██◣█◢█◢ ψ raepopo ◢████◣ ◥██◤ ◥██◤ ◢ ◢█◤◥◤ ─ ─ ◥◥◤ ◥ ██ = =ˇ﹀﹀ˇ ◣◥██ ██◤◢ || ◣◆ ┐ ┌ ◥██ ██◤ < 喂!那是我家耶!? \ -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: (臺灣) ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/Aviation/M.1611482131.A.99A.html

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